Clementine Quinoa Breakfast Bowl w/ Maple Tahini

We are here! We have arrived! Toronto is lovely and full of friends and family and completely NOT at all christmasy. Which is okay I guess, except for that whole climate change thing... And the whole vibe of snow and coziness. It is mostly just a bit grey and a little bit warm. 

In other news, hanukkah came and went so quickly that I almost missed it! I really wanted to share something special on the blog for hanukkah, but it just didn't work out time-wise this year what with finals and essays and finishing school. Sebastian and I got into Toronto on the last night of hanukkah. We lit candles at home with my family and then we all went out to a family friend's hanukkah party that was so beautiful and filled with love and good food (those latkes, I can't even tell you how good they are... all I can say is that they are probably the best I have ever had and I look forward to them every year). I promise that next year I will share my own hanukkah with you and create something extra yummy to make up for two years worth of hanukkah foods. 

So far, Toronto has been wonderful. The mornings are filled with steaming mugs of coffee and good tunes, and the evenings with lots of wine and big smiles. I bought the coziest christmas themed cotton leggings and have been wearing them around the house accompanied by the kitten in one hand and a G + T in the other. It is the best, and it hardly matters that there isn't snow to make it extra cozy (last year at this time it looked more like this). Last night we fell asleep watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and this morning woke up and went out to our fave coffee shop to meet a friend (Hiii Liam). Things are calm, filled with nice drinks and good people and I feel very grounded back here in Toronto. Every time I come back it reminds me how much I love this city, and how much it truly is my home. 

This quinoa breakfast bowl is so good even the kitten wants to eat it! Well no, but he sure does like to jump on the counters (any suggestions as to how to stop him?).

I really wanted to create a breakfast that was warm, but that differed from my usual steel cut oats. Every morning I wake up, and the first thing I do after I brush my teeth is put the oats on to boil. It is a really lovely morning tradition, but I decided that I needed something to spice it up a little. This is such a perfect holiday breakfast because it combines christmasy flavours like cinnamon and orange with a super filling and healthy base - quinoa. This bowl fills you up well into the afternoon and makes your belly warm and full. The bursts of orange and the soft crunch of the pumpkin seeds and pecans are super satisfying, and the maple tahini just ties it all together perfectly. 

What are your morning routines? Do you have a cozy breakfast ritual? I want to hear about them all <3 

Clementine Quinoa Breakfast Bowl w/ Maple Tahini

Makes enough for 1 serving



Quinoa Bowl

  • 1/3 cup quinoa 
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 clementine, peeled and pieces sliced in half
  • a generous handful (apprx. 1/4 cup) of pumpkin seeds and pecans
  • splash of cashew milk (or any kind of milk)

Maple Tahini

  • 2 tbsp tahini
  • 1 tbsp + 1 tsp water
  •  1 - 2 tsp maple syrup (depending on desired sweetness)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of salt



Combine the quinoa, water, and cinnamon stick in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer and cook covered for 12-15 minutes, until all the water has been absorbed. 

While the quinoa is cooking combine all of the ingredients for the maple tahini in a small bowl and whisk together until smooth. 

Place the cooked quinoa in a bowl, top with clementine slices, pumpkin seeds, pecans, the maple tahini, and then add a splash of your favourite nut milk. Enjoy!

This is best eaten straight away while still warm :)