Chocolate Covered Brazil Nut Stuffed Medjool Dates w/ Coconut Whipped Cream

Hello all my cozy december buddies! At least I hope that you are cozy, because it is definitely the season for coziness :) I wish there was some more snow, but hopefully that will be remedied in a few more weeks. 

Guess what? I am done school for the semester! I AM SO HAPPY! It is funny because my first ever blog post was just about 7 months ago, riiight when I had finished the spring semester and summer was about to start. Lots of things have changed since then, but also not that many things: I am still in school, still excited for school to be over, I still listen to podcasts, I still have a cat (although this time a different and more permanent one), and I still have this blog! I wanted to take this post to say a little thank you to everyone out there who is reading this. I know that there aren't thousands of you, but you do exist, and you make me so happy every time you reach out, comment, or let me know in person that you've made a recipe or read a post. It means so much to me, and each and everyone of you deserve and hug and one of these super yummy chocolate covered dates! <3 

I mentioned when I posted this picture that I might share some more images of my trip and of the books that I made for the project. I don't quite have them ready, but next week I will either share the images here, or I will post a link to the blog for my photo class where all of our work will be shown. 

On Sunday, I am going back to Toronto for the winter break! I will try my best to keep up with posts, and definitely will be posting on instagram :) 

My cousin Elana (HIIIIIIIII) made me these mittens and they are THE BEST! They keep my fingers toasty warm and bright and cheerful during those Montreal -40 snowstorms <3 

Finally, these yummy chocolate covered brazil nut stuffed medjool dates with coconut whipped cream (whooo that's a lot to say)! They are the perfect celebration treat for end of exams, or really just for anything. They are super simple to make and only require one bowl to melt the chocolate in! Fastest clean up I have ever had. They taste almost like chocolate turtles, but better (in my humble opinion). They are sweet, caramely, chocolate, and nutty. I am obsessed! The coconut whipped cream tops them off perfectly, creating a decadent but not too rich or sad tummy making dessert. 

Also, with the leftover chocolate you can easily create some peanut clusters. I am not including a recipe, but just grab a handful of peanuts and mix them in with the extra melted chocolate and then spoon out the clusters onto a sheet of wax paper. Freeze until chocolate is hard. 

Chocolate Covered Brazil Nut Stuffed Medjool Dates w/ Coconut Whipped Cream

Makes 10 dates but the recipe can easily be adjusted to suit your needs!



  • 10 medjool dates, pitted
  • 10 brazil nuts
  • 1 cup of vegan chocolate chunks or chips
  • 1 can (400 ml) of full fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight (ideally for 2 nights)
  • optional: 1/2 tsp vanilla



Place one brazil nut inside each pitted medjool date. Prepare a cookie sheet (or other freezable tray) lined with wax paper and set aside. 

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler situation - I just placed a metal bowl filled with chocolate on top of a pot of boiling water. Stir frequently until fully melted and remove from heat. Cover each stuffed date in melted chocolate by placing it into the bowl filled with the chocolate. Using two forks, transfer the date between them until it is no longer dripping with chocolate (but still fully covered) and place it on the prepared tray. Repeat until all dates are covered in chocolate. Freeze for apprx. 20 minutes, or until the chocolate has hardened.

While the dates are freezing, prepare the coconut whipped cream. Skim all of the hardened cream from the top of the can and place it in a bowl with the vanilla. Using hand held electric beaters, whip the coconut cream until smooth. I prefer mine unsweetened, but if you would like to add some sweetener 1/4 cup of powdered sugar will work. Place in the refrigerator until you use it. 

When the chocolate has hardened, remove the dates from the freezer, top with whipped cream, and serve! They should last in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.