Vegan Coconut Cream Berry Parfaits

I turned 22 last Friday! In the absence of writing a post here, I visited my grandma, saw my lovely family who were in town from LA, went rock climbing with Sebastian, shared beautiful meals with people I love, was treated to one too many tequila shots with dear friends (HEH), and ended my first day at 22 with a late night cycle down to the beach to watch the waves and the velvety darkness of the night sky.

I wanted to take a moment here to thank everyone in my life who constantly loves and supports me. As I tried to articulate to Sebastian, I feel like birthdays are an opportunity to thank people as well as to celebrate another year of life. Without these beautiful humans around me I wouldn't be this person, or be in this place, or feel the intense love that I do. So I guess what I am trying to say is simply thank you for being here, I love you all to the moon and back! 

Before my birthday, I kept making lists. What do I want to accomplish while I am 22? Who do I want to be and what goals should I meet? They were done jokingly and with a slight sense of irony, but really I am starting to wonder what the purpose of setting these goals is.

I could say a million things like I want to exercise more, and I want to be more stylish, and learn how to do makeup, and read the pile of ten thousand books sitting on my bedside table, and I want to go on adventures, do well in school, write more poetry, post more frequently in this space, be the most independent yet loving version of myself that I know how to be.

Really though, I want to be happy and love what I am doing and I think that all of those goals are things that will happen naturally because I feel the urge to do them, not because I wrote them on a list. I want to be by the ocean and know the smell of and feel of fresh salt on my skin. I want to spend more time gazing at the sky. I want to write down all the silly and beautiful things that come up day to day. And of course, listen to this song on repeat while I dance in the living room with Sebastian and cuddle our cat! 

Coming back to a grounded place of self care and love is always important to me - enter this dessert. I've been trying to clear up my skin for the last while now (UGH) and cutting out sugar is a big part of that. To be honest, I am definitely a savoury over sweet person, but that doesn't mean I don't like to indulge in something chocolatey on the semi reg.

I am being super diligent though, and really making an effort to cut out things that will inflame my skin, so I needed to find the perfect birthday treat to satisfy both needs.

These parfaits are like dreamy clouds studded with fresh berries, cacao nibs, and crunchy little buckwheat groats! Each bite melts in your mouth, and it all kind of feels like summer captured in a jar. I love the lightness of it all, and the bursts of natural sweetness and crunch through the creamy coconut goodness. 

Really though, I kind of surprised myself with how delicious these are considering it is hardly even a recipe. It reminds me of my childhood when we used to eat berries and sweet whipped cream as a summer treat in the evenings.

This is a slightly more sophisticated version, mostly healthy, and entirely decadent.

Enjoy these babes, you deserve it <3 

vegan coconut cream berry parfaits

Serves 3 - 4

In the photos there are only two parfaits, but I realized that it would have worked better to put them in four glasses. Two is really too much in each glass to serve. These are very versatile and can definitely be adjusted to your preferences and size needs! 



Coconut Whipped Cream

  • 2 cans full fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight 
  • Optional: 1 tsp your preferred sweetener (I didn't sweeten mine) 

To assemble per glass

  • 4 raspberries per layer
  • small handful of blueberries per layer
  • sprinkle of cacao nibs per payer
  • sprinkle of raw buckwheat groats per layer



To make the coconut whipped cream scoop out the solid cream that has risen to the top of the can and whip it with electric beaters until creamy and fluffy (adding sweetener if desired). 

To make the parfaits layer apprx. 2 tbsp of coconut cream in the bottom of each glass or dish. Top with raspberries, blueberries, cacao nibs, and buckwheat groats. Continue this layering process until the glass is full. Enjoy! These are best when fresh, but will last about one day in the fridge.