about me


Hi there! I'm Maya :)

I've been baking ever since I was a tiny child with my mom (making all the messes), and this blog is a space to document and record my most recent kitchen adventures!

Right now I am living in Montreal, studying art and creative writing at university... ACTUALLY I just graduated! Now I am working and trying to figure out this crazy world.

I am living and eating on a student budget, so my recipes will reflect this lifestyle. I create mostly savoury, easy and cheap meals and try to keep my ingredient lists accessible. 

Some of my favourite foods include: tahini, chocolate, ginger, arugula, pickles (anything pickled really), squash, freshly baked bread, raw honey, and sea salt (and especially those last three things together). 

I love adventuring, long bike rides, books, podcasts, and camping! Some of these things may appear on the blog too.



In this space you will find original recipes, words, photography, and all around plant-based love. My food philosophy is simple: Eat whatever the heck you want! I eat what my body tells me will make it happiest, and this is what you will find here. That usually means a plant-based mostly vegan diet, but I sometimes eat honey and will usually accept food prepared for me by others. On this blog there will be a mixture of savoury and sweet vegan recipes.

To read a little more on my perspective about food and accessibility, you can read this post (it was written a while ago and could be more in depth, but contains the gist of it). 


I use a Sony A58 Camera with a 50mm f/1.8 DT Alpha A-Mount Standard Prime Lens and lightroom, photoshop, and VSCO to edit. I just want to note that this isn't a fancy set-up at all, and if you want to take pics but can't afford the equipment, it's okay! Start with what you have.


Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to drop me a line and/or comment on my recipe posts. I am always super stoked to hear from you :)